Sioux Falls Arts Council Announces New Executive Director

Sioux Falls Arts Council Announces New Executive Director

Sioux Falls (November 6, 2019) After an extensive search, the Sioux Falls Arts Council (SFAC) has named Kellen Boice Executive Director starting November 1, 2019. Boice recently left the Sioux Falls Design Center after serving six years as Executive Director. She has more than 15 years of experience working in the arts sector and holds a bachelors degree in Advertising from Art Institute of Phoenix.


According to Alex Hagen, SFAC Board President, “We’re excited to have someone with Kellen’s enthusiasm and experience in this position, and we’re looking forward to having her take the organization to the next level.” As well, “We are excited by her passion to strengthen the Sioux Falls Arts Council as the collective voice of the arts in Sioux Falls,” continued Hagen.


Boice said in a statement, “I look forward to serving as a champion for the arts across the Sioux Empire. I am a passionate advocate of the arts, and I’m diving in head first to engage with our stakeholders and enhance resource development in support of our mission.”


In a collective statement the SFAC Board of Directors stated, “We are excited about this lively time in the Sioux Falls arts community. The arts play an integral role in economic development and creating positive change throughout Sioux Falls. This time of transition with Kellen’s leadership will lead to a creative period of growth invigorated by the new energy and ideas Kellen will bring.”


“The arts have always played such a significant role in my world, and they help our community thrive.  In many ways the arts make Sioux Falls the best place to live, work, and play, and I am so honored to play my part,” shared Boice.


The Sioux Falls Arts Council serves as the gateway to arts and culture for residents and visitors in southeast South Dakota, serving the entire community through promotion and coordination of the arts. It is driven by the belief that a vibrant and collaborative arts scene is integral for high quality of life and workforce development in Sioux Falls. Founded in 1969, it underwent a shift in 2017, formally embracing our community’s need for an agency that coordinates and represents our arts and culture sector rather than an organization that creates additional programming in an already vibrant arts scene.


Offices are located in the Crane Centre at 8th and Railroad, 326 East 8th Street, Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or visit



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    Just a question: Is there a Sioux Falls Awards in the Arts (formerly known as the Mayor’s Awards for the Arts) competition this year? If there is, where can I find entry information. Thanks!

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      Hi Jill,

      Thank you for asking. We will in fact be hosting the SFAA this year. They will be on May 18th from 6-8pm at Augustana’s Humanities Building (same as 2018). We will be sending out a save the date. I believe nominations will begin next month. We will be posting more about it, so make sure you follow us on social media too 🙂 Otherwise, I will take your email and shoot you a message once nominations are posted! Hope this helps!


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