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Clarke and the Himselfs



Clarke and the Himselfs smack of alchemy, that seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, and combination. Performing live with a drumstick in hand, guitar strings under the thumb, vocals that cut right to the point with a Moe Tucker rhythm laid underneath, Clarke Aleksandr Howell takes basement rock fuzz, pop precision, molten neo-psych, weirdo gutter punk, and reorganizes them into something compact, bright and sharp, much like the sonic equivalent of highly organized carbon, or what is commonly known as a diamond.

The Himselfs tour frequently and have played throughout the States as well as overseas, where they have a particularly big following in Russia. She has opened for Built to Spill on two different tours, and shared the stage with Sam Coomes, Caustic Resin, Colleen Green, No Bunny, Paleo, Sad Horse, La Luz, Naomi Punk, among others.

The Himselfs’ newest LP, Clarke and the Himselfs and Friends, features, for the first time on record, a full band in addition to Clarke himself. Boise friends Demmi Netson, Otis Crook, William Bendler, Brittany McConnell and Brett Netson together explore a dreamier, darker realm with Clarke, music in the same nebula but on different, neighboring stars. Preceding And Friends was the late 2015 release of a critically acclaimed effort that came from the collaboration between Clarke and David Strackany, The Well-Rounded Clarke and the Himselfs. Both records were released by Scavenger Cult Records, an all Analog Label Collective of which Howell and Brett Netson are both founding members.

After suffering from depression for years, driving cross country on off days on tour dressed as a woman, mourning the deaths of both friends and family, Clarke decided it was time for a change and recently came out with her longstanding battle with gender dysphoria. As she recently intimated, “My current mission in life, the biggest way I can stand for something, the best protest I have, is to be true to what I believe in and be a transgender woman playing music for people in a band called Clarke and the Himselfs.

Magic. Transformation. Creation. Combination.


Brett Netson



Spawned in Idaho’s Great Basin/Snake River Plain, Brett Netson specializes in heavy, psychedelic, lowdown rock and roll guitar/DMT therapist, Having served as an industrial grade force multiplier to the likes of Built to Spill,EARTH and cult rock outfit, Caustic Resin. Netson joined Mark Lanegan’s touring band through 2005, hitting Europe and the US West Coast once or twice a year. Netson has also appeared on a few of Lanegan’s albums and EPs, as well as albums from Mike Johnson and the Evildoers, Helvetia, the Delusions and others. More recently, Netson appeared as a second guitarist on Earth’s critically acclaimed album, Primitive and Deadly, and Nate Hall’s (USX) solo release, Electric Vacuum Roar and on the soon to be released Drought Stick by Gridfailure and Earth, Live at Third Man Records.

“Displaying a wilder, darker, more hedonistic sound than Built To Spill, Caustic Resin released six metal, space rock and psychedelia influenced albums between 1993 and 2003. Among them is 1998’s The Medicine Is All Gone, a hallucinogenic, heavy guitar album almost without equal, a masterpiece of stoner rock that has been re-issued on in a Mil-Spec, analog mastered, gatefold 180g. keep it till you die style.

With the latest incarnation of the Netsonian under world exploration, he has scaled it down with the recent acquisition of the Moog Taurus bass synth pedal unit. Massive bass waves and stereo guitar, enabling a nimble path of navigation through the collective unconscious terrain. Songs, riffs and ambient pineal gland hyper stimulation. Some therapeutic, DMT, lizard brain shit. With melodies”

“Despite the obvious roots, Netson obviously has no interest in recycling hoary Neil Young country-rock clichés. Rather, he seems bent on using hard rock to destroy itself. From his vocal approach, Netson seems to have a love/hate relationship with ’70s fixtures such as Ozzy Osbourne, Roger Waters, and Jethro Tull, who both inform the sound and provide something for it to react against.” – Dusted Magazine

“The other longest standing member of Built To Spill is their jaw dropping guitar talent Brett Netson. Featured on their 1993 debut, plus 1997’s defining Perfect From Now On and many tours and albums throughout the band’s existence, Netson flitted in and out of the group at times when not concentrating on his own band (s) Snakes, Reversion and Caustic Resin.”

Bodega Sushi

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Doors at 7 – Music at 8

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September 07 2017


Date: September 7, 2017
Time: 7:00 pm
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