City Hall Art Exhibits Initiative

City Hall Art Exhibits Initiative

Rotational Art Display at City Hall

The City of Sioux Falls is committed to promoting the arts by exhibiting the works of
talented artists who contribute greatly to the health and vitality of our community,
through the Rotational Art Display at City Hall. Featuring public art in City Hall gives
local artists an opportunity to display their talents to the community and visitors, and
gives visitors an opportunity to learn more about the unique cultural identity of Sioux
Falls via the medium of visual art.

The City of Sioux Falls, with support from the Sioux Falls Arts Council and the City’s
Visual Arts Commission, invites artists to submit proposals for the Rotational Art Display
at City Hall. Proposals will be reviewed and selected once per year, and displays will be
updated twice per year based on those selections. The City, with support from the Sioux
Falls Arts Council, has budgeted a stipend for selected artists, demonstrating their
commitment to the value of artwork and artists in our community.

Goals of the Program

  • To showcase the unique talents of artists in our community
  • To enrich visitors experiences by exposing them to diverse artistry
  • To beautify and/or enhance the surroundings
  • To foster engagement and communication, and broaden understanding and perspectives through art

2019/2020 Theme

One Sioux Falls

Artists are asked to propose works that serve as their visual interpretation or representation of “One Sioux Falls.”

Click here for more details: RFA City of Sioux Falls Artwork

For City Hall Request for Artwork Location Map, click here.

Ready to apply? Click here: Rotational Art Display at City Hall Application

For any questions regarding the Rotational Art Display, please contact Operations Manager, Angelica Mercado at, or at 605.271.6696.

The Sioux Falls Arts Council together with the City of Sioux Falls and The Visual Arts Commission, are dedicated to fulfilling the Cultural Plan, Sioux Falls Imagined,  for the benefit of our community.  The Cultural Plan outlines a vision and strategies to build a vibrant, attractive and prosperous community through the power of our arts, heritage and culture. The Rotational Art Display specifically targets Goal 6 CULTURAL FACILITIES and PUBLIC ART which focuses on enhancing Sioux Falls public art and cultural facilities. Read more about the Cultural Plan here.