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Angelica Mercado-Ford
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Poet and artist Angelica Mercado-Ford inhabits the borderlands in between two cultures, two countries, and two identities. She explores a way out of the in-between through poetry and mixed media artworks both playful and powerful. Mercado was born in Jalisco, Mexico, grew up in Fremont, NE, and now resides in Sioux Falls, SD. She earned her BA in Fine Arts from Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, IA. She is currently pursuing her Master of Education in teaching from the University of Sioux Falls. Her work touches on topics such as immigration, feminism, diversity, and cultural awareness. She has work published in the Briar Cliff Review, Cream City Review, Acentos Review, Roanoke Review, Glass Poetry Press, Z’s Publishing House’s “America’s Emerging Poets 2018,” among others. Her artwork has been exhibited in Clausen Gallery, Sioux City Art Center, Washington Pavilion’s Visual Arts Center, Exposure Gallery, Post Pilgrim Gallery, Arc Gallery, among others. She is the author of “Todo Revoluciona,” a book of poetry published in March of 2019 by Harsan Publishing.

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Rollan Wengert
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Jamie Hyneman from Mythbusters once said, “Duct Tape isn’t perfect for anything, but is adequate for everything.” I can’t think of a better metaphor for myself. I’m duct tape. Capable in a jack mess of trades–from manly trades such as home construction and grilling to poindexter pursuits such as philosophy and Greek–but haven’t mastered any so as to become a professional.

I live in Tea, SD and currently work as a fundraiser for Books 4 Kids Program. I have three boys, rowdy and strong-willed. In order to afford our sole income budget, I have to use my duct-tape-like versatility. I do what I can to keep projects simple and inexpensive and try to use and reuse what is available.

My great occupational passion is writing. As a youth, I’d spend hours in my room typing stories. Stories of all kinds. Stories that were never finished. Then, I grew up. Hints flowed my way, that maybe, I ought to choose a ‘realistic’ career path. So I did what any confused teen would do. I joined the army.

Four Army and another four college years later, I learned I’m too scatterbrained, for a ‘realistic’ career path. I began writing again. My only constant pursuit of occupational joy. (I love doing and learning new things, I just have a hard time sticking with them.) And, I actually started finishing works. Work like: Caveat Ties, Soul Shocked, and Zaide: Mozart’s Lost Opera

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Sara Bainter
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Author Illustrator of ‘Campfire Poetry’ and ‘Time Bomb Truth’. Born in Winner South Dakota. Muralist at Juna Sleep Systems, Yummy Dim Sum, Escapades, and Elks Club

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