Action Plan Highlights


Emphasis: Arts Community Communication and Coordination

Establish a system for deliberate and coordinated communication within the arts community comprised of three groups of stakeholders: representatives from small to mid-size arts organizations and businesses, individual artists and larger anchor arts organizations. Use these groups to enhance connectivity within the broad arts community and as a vehicle for nurturing a collective voice so that it can have place at the table with other community and business organizations as well as the City of Sioux Falls.

Connection to the Cultural Plan, Sioux Falls Imagined: Goals 3, 4 and 7.


Emphasis: Branding and Marketing our Arts Community

Create an arts and cultural infographic that illustrates our varied and vibrant arts ecosystem and serves as a tool to communicate about it to community members and to visitors.

-Dovetail arts and cultural ecosystem infographic into collateral material featuring Sioux Falls as the vibrant arts and cultural community it is. Distribute in tourist access points, arts businesses and related venues.

Complete the Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 Study and facilitate education and application of the results to empower and enhance arts and cultural organizations ability to explain the economic activity generated by this sector and its integral role in the future growth of our community.

Connection to the Cultural Plan, Sioux Falls Imagined: Goals 3 and 4.


Emphasis: Accessibility to Arts Experiences

Expand featured emerging artist program to include a performing artists and literary artists to help them get established and promote their work; continue extending access to the public to meet and experience these artists.

Be the go-to agency for area newcomers to get acquainted with the arts and cultural scene in Sioux Falls. Develop print and networking resources specific to both new residents in general and to new visual, performing and literary artists who relocate here. Extend access and use of these resources to organizations whose long-term success depends on workforce development.

Become a resource for underprivileged children to access arts and cultural events and experiences by sponsoring admission and related fees that currently serve as a barrier to their participation; additionally, provide access to the network of existing opportunities available but unknown to them.

Connection to the Cultural Plan, Sioux Falls Imagined: Goals 4 and 5.


Emphasis: Arts Leadership

Enhance offerings and support to fiscally sponsored arts organizations incubating under the umbrella of the SFAC.

Lead coordination of a city-wide arts event for 2018/19 that emphasizes the arts for arts’ sake and the arts for tourism’s sake following an alternative model to existing annual arts and cultural events in Sioux Falls.

Connection to the Cultural Plan, Sioux Falls Imagined: Goals 7 and 4.