“So what is an ‘Arts Council’ anyway?”

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the arts in the Greater Sioux Falls Area: Minnehaha, Lincoln, Turner, and McCook Counties.

The Sioux Falls Arts Council supports the Arts by:

  • helping residents and visitors find, enjoy and participate in the artistic and cultural events available in the community.
  • providing information and networking for artists, arts organizations, arts educators.

Our Mission: 

Through our mission “to enrich Sioux Falls culture, economy and opportunity by building a stronger and more vibrant arts community,” the Arts Council is convinced that creativity and expression are a vital part of life. The Arts Council remains an active and important entity that not only impacts culture, but also stimulates economy and provides opportunity for the city of Sioux Falls.


“Why Sioux Falls?”

Sioux Falls is becoming a hub for arts in the Midwest. With this in mind, the Arts Council strives to engage and interact with both local artists and the general public. Sioux Falls is filled with a wealth of fine art, and that is truly a treasure worth appreciating. Through careful coordination and communication, the Arts Council helps integrate theater, music, dance, visual art, film, and literature into the definition of what it means to live in Sioux Falls.

Everyday, the city of Sioux Falls expands and progresses. The Arts Council has been and always will be a constant and steady force through time. With a keen focus, as well as ideas and innovations for the future, the Arts Council will continue to influence lives for the better through the arts.


View our Annual Report

Annual Report – Fiscal Year 2014